Medići, Croatia

This tourist village is a beautiful settlement located 11 km south-east of Omis with countless pebble beaches.


Key Information:

  • 11 km from the Omis
  • dozens of beautiful pebble beaches suitable for children
  • lots of caffe bars on the beaches
  • nearest village Mimice
  • supermarket is in Mimice (about 400 m far)
  • there is a sunken ship in a shallow sea
  • Medici accommodation

    Medici is small tourist and fisherman village situated in the hearth of Dalmatia on the Adriatic coast. Village is located about 11 kilometers southeast from Omis, about 35 kilometers southeast from Split and about 25 kilometers northwest from Makarska. Village was established in the middle of the 19th century. The first inhabitans were mostly fisherman and farmers. Thankfully, because of that today Medići are surrounded by beautiful vineyards and olive trees.

    Settlement is widely famous for its many beautiful pebble and sandy beaches and crystal clear Adriatic sea. Beaches are very different. They vary from the large with caffe bars, to small and hidden ones. Here you can still find small beach and claim it only for yourself. All beaches are ideal for families with small children and on the all beaches there is natural shade from pine forest. There are three beach bars on various beaches. An interesting attraction is an old shipwreck in shallow sea which attracts lots of the divers. In Medici you can find superior accommodation in apartments very close to the beach.

    Nearest place are Mimice, and they are only 500 m far. In Mimice you can find a grocery store, postal office, several coffe bars, restaurants and pizzerias. And vicinity of the bigger cities like Omis, Split, Makarska or Brač Island makes village an ideal place for perfect holidays.

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    Omis - Dalmatia
    Medici accommodation
    Mimice near Split
    Clean beaches in omis
    medici apartments
    Shipwreck in shallow sea on beach Luke

    Map of Medici, Croatia