Makarska is a modern, tourist gem of Dalmatia.

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Makarska is a tourist town and fishing port on the Adriatic coast in the Middle Dalmatia. Makarska is famous as a tourist destination and a natural harbor. City is situated at the foothills of the 3rd highest Croatian mountain called Bikovo (Nature Park). Makarska is, naturally, the center of the Makarska Riviera. Riviera is approximately 60 kilometers long and extends from Brela (northwest) to Gradac (southeast). Omis is situated about 35 kilometers northwest from Makarska.

Traces of prehistoric settlements on the territory of today present Makarska originate as old as from the second millennium BC. Archaeologists and other scientists believe that the old settlement was founded by the ancient Cretans because of its ideal natural position. It were excellent position for nature harbor. In Roman period the Romans sent their veteran soldiers to settle in present Makarska. brela apartments

Today, city of Makarska is a modern tourist destination that abounds with cafes, restaurants and nightclubs. During the day city beaches in Makarska are pretty crowded, but at night Makarska becomes a perfect place for long romantic walks and nightlife.

Lots of beautiful Mediterranean town on the Makarska Riviera is conneected by the promenade. The nearest such town to Omis is Brela. Located about 20 kilometers south-east from the Omis. makarska biokovo radivevicBaska Voda and Promajna are situated between Brela and Makarska. A few kilometers south-east to Makarska is Tucepi. All these places are filled with restaurants and cafes, and are ideal for long walks in the beautiful summer nights. And for all those who love active holidays we recommend renting bikes and ride on the 60 km long promenade along the sea.