Entertainment and Restaurants in Omis

In the city you can find fun for everyone and for all ages. During the summer there are the various entertainment events and venues. There are dozens of restaurants and caffe bar in the old center, and along the city beach.

Pirate nights in Omis
Pirate nights

Omis is filled with various bars and good restaurants and taverns. In the beautiful ambient of the stone buildings of different restaurants and taverns, you can enjoy in local specialties, fresh fish caught by local fishermen and excellent local wine. There are more then dozen excellent restaurants and taverns in Omis and along the Riviera. Also, there are plenty of bars and night clubs in the old center of the city and along the long, sandy city beach. And those who prefer wild parties till dawn can find a variety of clubs in Makarska and Split.


During the summer in the city are held various entertainment events and manifestations. One such event is the Pirate Battle. This is a reconstruction of the battle of the Omis Pirates with the Venetians in the 13th century. In the reconstruction of the Battle of the pirates are used real old galleys and participate various folklore and other societies from all over Dalmatia. The event is really attractive, and each year it attracts tens of thousands of spectators.

Other entertainment events are certainly crazy jumps from the city port and fishing evenings that take place in the town and along the Riviera.



  • Restaurant BRACERA - Duce (near Omis)
    phone: +385 (0)21 735 444
  • Restaurant POD ODRNOM
    phone: +385 (0)21 861 918
  • Bistro BABILO
    phone: +385 (0)21 861 429
  • Inn BRGUJA
    phone: +385 (0)21 861 643
  • Restaurant KAŠTIL SLANICA
    phone: +385 (0)21 861 783
    phone: +385 (0)21 861 185


  • Restaurant BOROVINA
    phone: +385 (0)21 879 364
  • Restaurant SUN CITY
    phone: : +385 (0)21 879 500
  • Pizzeria ESPAGNA


  • Restaurant LJETNI SAN
    phone: +385 (0)21 871 477
  • Restaurant HOTEL RUSKAMEN
    phone: +385 (0)21 871 401
  • Restaurant ASTORIA


    phone: +385 0(21) 867 018
  • Restaurant SYDNEY CROATIA
  • Tavern VAL
    phone: +385 (0)21 867 106


  • Tavern PORAT
    phone: +385 (0)21 862 505
  • Restaurant VRUJA
    phone: +385 (0)98 408 269