Omis Riviera Beaches

Omis and nearby destinations (Nemira, Stanici, Ruskamen, Lokva Rogoznica, Medici, Mimice, Marusici and Pisak) are filled with beautiful beaches.

Big Beach in Omis
Big Beach in Omis

Omis and nearby destinations, from west to east are Nemira, Stanici, Ruskamen, Lokva Rogoznica, Medici, Mimice, Marusici and Pisak are filled with lots of beautiful pebble beaches. City has couple of beaches. Largest one is Velika Plaza (The Big Beach), it is sandy beach and it is more than 700 meters long. It is ideal for families, but beach is also full of different activities like volley ball or wind surfing. There are plenty of caffe bars and restaurants on the beach. Beach is located about 10 minutes walk from the center of the city and it is long (more than 400 meters) pebble beach, suitable for families, and filled with caffe bars and restaurants.

Along the coast, on the Omis Riviera destinations, there are countless of beautiful pebble beaches. Nemira, Stanici, Lokva Rogoznica and Mimice are famous with long pebble beaches, Ruskamen have excellent accommodation near long pebble beaches, and there is even one of the oldest nudist beach in Dalmatia. Medici are famous for numerous pebble beaches of different types, and Marusici and Pisak are famous for small and intimate beaches. All beaches are pebble, suitable for families with small children, and on almost all beaches there are caffe bars.

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