Cycling in Omis

There are dozens of attractive cycling routes in Omis. One of the most beautiful is definitely a route to Radmanove Mlinice by the road in the canyon of the river Cetina.

Cycling above the canyon of the river Cetina
Cycling above the canyon of the river Cetina

Omis is a beautiful and well connected city, so there are a dozens of the excellent cycling routes along the Omis Riviera. One of the most beautiful cycling route is definetely road in the canyon of the river Cetina, and first stop should be in the Radman's Mills Lisicina pass, mountain bike - Omis
Mountain Biking in Lisicina pass
(6 km from the Omis). Better prepared cyclists must continue along the canyon towards to Kucici, Zadvarje, Sestanovac, Blato and Gata and return to Omis along the opposite bank of the river Cetina. Other route is to go the south east in Zadvarje and towards the Makarska along the Adriatic road. Already in Brela you will find excellent routes by the sea that stretches for dozens of kilometers.

And for those who likes mountain Biking there is excellent and adventurous route near Omis in Lisicine pass. Pass Lisicine connects hill Babnjaca (west bank of the river Cetina estuary) and place Naklice (couple kilometers north west from Omis), and it is a really demanding mountain bike route, near lovely stream that enters in the river Cetina. On this route you'll sea great open cave called Durduk Stipan's Cave.