Diving at Omis Riviera

Seabed of Riviera is extremely abundant in life, due to numerous underwater springs of river Cetina, which is excellent for diving.

Omis Diving Ruskamen amphorae
Ancient amphorae near Ruskamen

Due to the characteristic karst area, the river Cetina has a specific estuary that spans for dozens of kilometers. Unlike other estuaries where river brings sand and silt, the estuary of the river Cetina is of rocky seabed, resulting in underground rivers and springs. Therefore, sea coast is rich with life. Constant current and high-pressure of fresh water favor the development of plankton, which is the first in a chain of marine life.

In the Omis and along the Riviera there are many diving clubs with excellent and experienced instructors. Really everyone can dive, both beginners and experienced divers. Beginners will receive theoretical and practical training, and with the constant supervision of professional instructors they can also go down to a depth of about 15 meters.

The entire coast of Riviera is fantastic for diving, and also the riverbed of river Cetina. On river divers can dive to David's Bridge and Mostina, an old river fortifications of Omis Pirates. In Ruskamen Sunken Ship in Medic
Shipwreck in Medici
at a depth of 30 meters lays the discovery of ancient amphorae. This locality is for experienced divers due to the great depth. In Medici, a few meters deep and the near the shore, there is a sunken merchant ship. This site is suitable for beginners due to the shallow sea. Vruja is one of the best dive spots in Europe because of the underwater source of the Cetina River, which is located near the coast and the rich marine life. Cetina springs from the cave which exact depth is still unknown (up to 200 meters). High precautions are required at the cave’s entrance zone because there are high turbulences which are created by the mixing of salt and freshwater.

As you can see the underworld of Omis Riviera is extremely rich, and if you are not able to go with one of the diving clubs, go to dive with a simple mask and snorkel and explore the richly and a diverse seabed.

Underwater near Pisak