Free (rock) climbing in Omis

Due to its geographic location, and canyon of the river Cetina, in the past 20 years Omis has become the center of free (rock) climbing.

Free (rock) climbing in Omis

Due to its geographical location, high mountains that rises straight from the Adriatic sea and magnificent canyon of the river Cetina, in the past 20 or so years Omis has become one of the centers for free and rock climb in Croatia and even wider. Now city, and surrounding area have more that 175 equipped climbing courses on dozens locations. But town has great potential for free climbing, and number of the climbing courses is growing each day. Climbing courses varies from easiest to hardest.

For free climbing is very important the location of the climb courses. Lots of courses in this area are just by the Adriatic road, or by the road in the canyon of the river Cetina. Rock climbers appriciate that because they don't need to carry their equippment. One location for climb starts just above the old city of Omis, which gives climbers spectacular view. Meny of courses are in the shade, which is important for hot summer days.

Local climbing club "Malduk" is always at a disposal for climbers, and it is important to mention that free climb is recreational sport for all seasons. On this web site you can find usefull information about climbing: Omis climbing guide