Dalmatian Gastronomy

Dalmatian gastronomy belongs to the Mediterranean cuisine. That means plenty of fresh fish, various meat specialities and prosciutto (smoked ham). Soparnik (vegetable pie) is Omis authentic culinary recipe.

Dalmatian gastronomy, and by that also Omis region gastronomy belongs to Mediterranean gastronomy. Omis gastronomy - Olive oli
Olives and olive oil
In the first place are the various delicious fish. In one of the many restaurants on the Omis Riviera you have to try grilled fishes Orada nad Dentex (Zubatac). Prosciutto (smoked ham) is authentic Dalmatian food, while there are lots of interesting ways of preparing meat specialities. Most notable authentic Omis culinary recipe is definetely Soparnik (Swiss chard pie).

Dalmatian cuisine is based on olive oil (which is necessarily in all recipes) and a variety of spices (such are laurel and rosemary). Olive is the most widespread plant in Dalmatia, and almost every household has its own homemade olive oil.

Seafood specialties

Omis (Dalmatia) Gastronomy - grilled Orada
Grilled fish (Orada)

Grilled fish

One of the most traditional ways of preparing fish, and certainly the most delicious, is the grilled fish. Most often you will find sardines, but definitely the most delicious are Orada and Dentex. However, all fresh grilled fish is delicious and definitely one of the best seafood specialities from Dalmatia.


Brudetto is seafood specialty that is prepared with several different species of fish. Most delicious is with Conger eel (Ugor). With fish, olive oil, red or white wine, fresh tomatoes, garlic, onion and parsley are added to the Brudetto. Traditionaly brudetto is served with polenta, potatoes or rice.

Omis gastronomy - Octopus under the baking lid
Octopus under the baking lid

Octopus under the baking lid

Baking lid is specific way of preparing food, and is similar to grill. In a large bowl put the octopus, potatoes, olive oil, wine, garlic, onions and spices. Bowl is covered with the baking lid which is covered with ember. It takes up to three hours in order to prepare a octopus under the baking lid.

Shrimp stew

Omis (Dalmatia) Gastronomy - Shrimp stew
Shrimp stew

Shrimp stew are truly Dalmatian seafood speciality. Shrimp stew is prepared with shrimps, tomatoes, white wine, olive oils, garlic and different spices. Usually is served with polenta.

Black risotto

Black risotto is usually made of cuttlefish. Other ingredients are olive oil (irreplaceable in all Dalmatian recipe), onion, garlic, parsley and white wine. As the name suggests it's of black color.

Seafood risotto

Seafood risotto is made up of different seafood. Usually is composed of squids and different types of clams. Methods of preparation can vary from place to place.

Meat specialties

Various meat under the baking lid

Omis (Dalmatia) Gastronomy - meat under the baking lid
Meat under the baking lid (peka)

Baking lid, or "peka" on Croatian can be used to prepare different kind of meat meals. The receipt is quite simple, put meat with vegetables, olive oil and domestic spices in a large dish and cover it with a baking lid (peka). After that cover the baking lid with embers. It takes up to two to three hour in order to prepare a meal. The meal is realy delicious and full of flavors.

Prosciutto (smoked ham)

Omis gastronomy - Dalmatian pasticada
Dalmatian pasticada

Prosciutto is the one of the traditional ways of preparing a meat in Dalmatia. It is very a popular meal in Dalmatia, and a bast prosciutto comes from Drnis. Prosciutto is best served with a Dalmatian cheese, olives and with a quality, homemade Dalmatian wine.

Dalmatian Pasticada

Dalmatian Pasticada is traditional Dalmatian meal. It is a beef stew in sauce with gnocchi. By tradition pasticada is usually served on important occasions (like weddings), probably because fish was pretty common for such important events. Dalmatian pasticada takes one of the most important place in rich Dalmatian cousine because of its rich and thick sauce, which has all the ingredients of Dalmatian cuisine.


Omis (Dalmatia) Gastronomy - Soparnik

Soparnik is an old and authentic Omis meal. It's from the Middle ages, and it's a very simple meal. To prepare a soparnik you only need flour (dough), onion and Swiss chard. And it is baked on fire.