Omis - General information, Geografic location and climate and weather

City is situated in the heart of Dalmatian coast in Croatia. And, whole Dalmatia is blessed with pleasant Mediterranean climate.

Geographical location of Omis

croatia map omis

Omis is town and port, and it is situated in the heart of Dalmatian coast in Croatia. Dalmatia is historic region in Croatia, and it is Omis From Air located on the east side of Adriatic Sea. Omis is located only 25 km far from city of Split (second largest city in Croatia, and largest city in Dalmatia), in south east direction.

Omis is perfectly connected with the rest of Europe via the Split airport (40 km to the north-west direction), and through a newly constructed and modern highway. With Split Omis is connected by Adriatic road, and frequent bus lines.

Town is only about 190 km far from Dubrovnik, the world famous tourist destination. If you decide to visit Dubrovnik by car you will need only two and a half to three hours drive. And good part of that drive you will be driving by newly constructed highway. In 2014. highway Split - Dubrovnik should be completed, by 2013. more than half of it is completed.

Because of it's geographical location, city is excellent connected with Dalmatian islands: Brac, Hvar, Korcula and Vis. Nearest ferry is in Split, and second nearest ferry in in city Drvenik (50 km to the south east).

Climate and Weather

Dalmatia have a borderline humid subtropical and mild Mediterranean climate. Because only one month in summer has less then 40 mm of rainfall, climate type can't be classified as solely humid subtropical or Mediterranean. Dalmatia also have mild and wet winters (and autmmns) and hot and dry summers. Summers are usually hot and mainly dry, while winters sometimes can be cold because cold wind called "Bura". This type of wind can only be found in Croatia and Japan. This wind happens because of vicinity of large mountains and the sea. When cold air is coming from the north, it collapses with high velocity over the mountains towards the sea.

Average rainfall per year is around 820 mm. Hottest month is July with an average high temperature of 30 °C (86 °F). July is also a driest month, with precipitation less then 26 mm in average. Dalmatia region have more than 2600 sunshine hours in average per year.

Summer winds

Omis Jugo waves Winds are a very important factor in creating a pleasant climate during the summer months. Most notable summer wind is definitely "Maestral". Wind from the west that brings cool temperature during a hot summer days. It usually starts after 3 p.m. every day. "Maestral" is excellent for wind surfers. Almost every morning from south blows wind "Levanat" (which means from south). "Bura", and "Jugo" (it literally means south) aren't so common for summer months. "Jugo" is warm and wet wind and it brings high waves. But when "Jugo" blows during the summer the youngest one will definitely be most delight with it.