Paragliding and hang-gliding in Omis

These adrenaline sports are relatively new offer of extreme sports in Dalmatia, but you can really enjoy in Omis panorama on this way.

Paragliding Omis
Paragliding above the Omis

Due to high cliffs that arise from the Adriatic sea just above the city, and frequent winds, Dalmatia is also an ideal and favourite spot for paragliders and hang-gliders. On this way you can really enjoy in breathtaking beauty of the city, canyon of river Cetina and Omis Riviera.

The starting point for paragliders and hang-gliders is grassy slope near village Cecuci on Omis Dinara mountain at elevation of nearly 400 meters. Paraglider flights usually lasts for more than three hours, and safest spot for landing is the town beach which is called The Big Beach (Velika Plaža).

Although paragliding is an extreme sport, today everyone can enjoy in it. There are tandem flights, where one person is trained and professional pilot, and second one is the passanger.