Windsurfing in Omis

Windsurfing is a widespread sport in Dalmatia, due to frequent winds. Windsurfing is particularly popular in Omis, and especially in Ruskamen.

Windsufring in Omis
Windsufring in Omis

Due to constant winds, during the whole day is blowing some sort of wind, windsurfing is very popular in Dalmatia and along the Omis Riviera. Excellent spot for windsurfing is Ruskamen (5km east from Omis), which is, along the Bol on Brac, most popular destination for windsurfing in Dalmatia.

There are lots of excellent windsurfing courses in Omis and along the Omis Riviera. Courses are designed to teach the basics of the windsurfing. The courses are composed of 1 - 2 hours of heory and techniques, and 2 - 3 hours of practical training on the sea, where you will learn the basics of starting, stopping, turning and steering. And in only 5 hours you are ready to make your first steps on the surfboard!