River Cetina

With its monumental canyon this is one of the most beautiful rivers in this part of Europe. Also it is one of the cleanest rivers in Croatia, and also in Europe. River finds its way to Adriatic sea in city of Omis.

Cetina River is the biggest middle Dalmatian river. With its magnificent canyon is definitely one of the most beautiful place in Croatia. In the last 20 years it has become one of the centers for rafting and kayaking on the wild and calm waters. River is the lifeblood of central Dalmatia, surrounded by a small, peaceful villages, and it is extremely important for geological and archaeological research.

River Cetina spring - Glavas
River Cetina spring - Glavas

Cetina springs at an altitude of 385 meters, on the northwestern slopes of mountain Dinara, near the village of Cetina, 7 km north of Vrlika. There are eight springs of the river, and the largest source of river is Glavas lake, deep more than 130 meters. Above the river source, only a few hundred meters away, there is a prehistoric cave called Gospodska pecina (Gentlemans Cave). It served as a habitat for people in different epochs. Both banks of the river and the surrounding slopes of mountains that surround it, are very rich archaeological sites. Archaeologists in the nearby karst areas and in the mud have find many valuable findings that are a living witnesses of their time, now exhibited at the Museum of Cetina in Sinj. River Cetina near Omis
River Cetina near Omis

River is long more than 100 km. It was tamed by building the Peruča lakes artificially created 25 kilometers downstream from the source. After Peruča lake the river passes karst areas and Sinj fields and flows towards the town of Sinj. It continues to flow to Gardun near Trilj, and enters the canyon and flows to the south. Over the canyon is fortress Nutjak. Fortress once served as a protection against the Turks over the west of the canyon. The coasts in a canyon are nearer and longer, and the river is deeper and slower. Cetina in Bisko turns to the southeast, near Sestanovac it turns towards left to the south, and near Zadvarje hugs Mosor while still flowing to the west. In Omis, it finally enters into the Adriatic Sea.

From its mouth, Cetina is navigable to the resort Radman's Mills (Radmanove Mlinice), which is 6 km far from the mouth. There you can enjoy in the beautiful nature, and in a excellent restaurant. Be sure to find couple of beaches on the river banks, and refresh yourself in the clean river. Since Radman's Mills are only open after 1st May (they are a favorite picnic spot for the celebration of the Labor Day),
Waterfall Gubavica
there is also an excellent restauran 2 km towards the river mouth which is called Kastel Slanica. It is an incredible pleasure to take a ride on the boat from the mouth to the Radman mills. Boats can be rented at the mouth of the river, and every day bigger boats are sailing to Radmans Mills, that can carry larger groups. And those who love the adrenaline fun, can go rafting or canoeing on the beautiful canyon. River Cetina, swimming
Swimming in Cetina

River enters the Adriatic Sea in the town of Omis and that is a fantastic setting for a town. Near town, only 20 km far, in city Zadvarje, is located an amazing waterfall called Gubavica. Waterfall is one of the biggest in Croatia and it is more than 50 meters high.