Destinations of Omis Riviera, Croatia

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City is an old and ancient Croatian city situated at the mouth of the river Cetina in the hearth of Dalmatia. The city is situated about 25 km southeast of city of Split, the second largest city in Croatia. Naturally, the town is the main city and most important place in the Omis Riviera. The whole area and the city is an incredible mix of crystal blue sea, high mountains and amazing canyon of river Cetina. The Hvar island and Brac island are very close.

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Nemira is a small tourist village located 3 km from Omis to the east, and about 25 km southeast of Split. Nemira are connected to Omis with a seafront promenade which is ideal for night walks.

In the village you can find several supermarkets, restaurants, pizzerias, taverns and cafe bars. There are two beaches that are beautiful, pebble and sandy and are suitable for families with small children. The place is located a few hundred meters below the main road so there are no large crowds, and on the beaches pine trees provide natural shade.


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Stanici are a tourist village located about 5 km southeast of Omis, 30 km southeast of Split and about 30 kilometers northwest of Makarska. Stanici are known for its long sandy beaches which are ideal for families with children. In the past, the first residents were mostly farmers and fishermen. More farmers than fishermen. As the arable land was high above the sea, the old village of Stanici were also high above the sea. Read more...

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Ruskamen is a small tourist town located 6 km from Omis, about 30 km from Split and 30 kilometers from Makarska. Ruskamen is one of the favorite tourist destination with a hotel next to the beach. Ruskamen is known for its long beaches that are covered by pine trees.


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Lokva Rogoznica

Lokva Rogoznica is a small tourist village about 9 kilometers far from Omis, about 35 kilometers far from Split and about 25 kilometers far from Makarska. Following the opening of the Magistral, the seaside main road in the 1960s, the inhabitants of the settlement (first written mention from 1235 year, oldest settlement in Omis Riviera besides Omis) started to move from their homes built on the slopes of the Rogoznica Mountain closer to the sea. Read more...

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Medici is small tourist and fisherman village situated in the hearth of Dalmatia on the Adriatic coast. Medici is located about 11 kilometers southeast from Omis, about 35 kilometers southeast from Split and about 25 kilometers northwest from Makarska. The village of Medici was established in the middle of the 19th century. The first inhabitans were mostly fisherman and farmers. Thankfully, because of that today Medici are surrounded by beautiful vineyards and olive trees. Read more...

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Mimice are small tipical Mediterranean place and authentic Dalmatian settlement. Mimice are about 12 kilometers southeast from Omis, 35 kilometers south east from Split and about 25 kilometers northwest from Makarska. Mimice were established in the 17th century, which is proved by numerous monuments which are located in the old part of the place, near the church. Mimice kept its charm of the former generations through its traditional architecture, traditional manifestations by the church of Saint Roko and by producing quality red wine like it was produced in the old times.


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Marusici are small tourist village about 15 kilometers southeast of Omis, 40 kilometers south east from Split and about 20 kilometers northwest from Makarska. The original village itself, alone with its small church, can be found above the main road. Read more...

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Pisak once was famous fisherman settlement in this part on Dalmatian coast, and today Pisak is modern tourist resort. Pisak is about 17 kilometers southeast from Omis, 40 kilometers south east from Split and about 20 kilometers northwest from Makarska.