Ruskamen, Croatia

This tourist settlement is situated in the hearth of the riviera. Village is abundant with long pebble beaches, and excellent accommodation near the sea.


Key Information:

  • 6 km from the Omis
  • beautiful long pebble beaches suitable for children
  • lots of caffe bars on the beaches
  • there are couple of quality restaurants
  • supermarket is in the village
  • one of the oldest nudist beaches in Croatia
  • at a depth of 30 meters lays the discovery of ancient amphorae
  • ruskamen accommodation

    Ruskamen is a small tourist town located 6 km from Omis in Lokva Rogoznica, about 30 km from Split and 30 kilometers from Makarska. Village is one of the favorite tourist destination with a hotel and accommodation in the apartments next to the beach. Tourist village is known for its long beaches that are covered by pine trees.

    Settlement is one of the most popular windsurfing destinations in the whole Adriatic, due to its favorable location and afternoon summer wind called Maestral. Ruskamen is known as one of the oldest nudist destinations on the Adriatic. On the shore, at a depth of 30 meters lays the discovery of ancient amphorae. This diving locality is for experienced divers due to the great depth. Here you can find several campsites, restaurants, souvenir shops or stores. You can play tennis, volleyball, you can dive in one of the diving clubs who organize various trips. Or you can rent a jet-ski or surfboard. Or you can simply enjoy long walks on the beach.

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    ruskamen accommodation
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    Map of Ruskamen, Croatia