Festival of the Dalmatian a cappella singing groups (Festival Dalmatinskih klapa)

Festival of the Dalamatian a cappella singing groups is definitely the main cultural event in the city, an main event of the Dalmatian traditional singing.

Festival of the Dalmatian a cappella singing groups (Festival Dalmatinskih Klapa)

Singing in the group, or on Dalmatian language in the "Klapa", which mean company or group is most common form of singing in Dalmatia. Singing groups are usually composed of five to eight members, and songs are performed without instrumental background (a cappella). This way of singing is recognizable by the polyphony, harmonic structure and beautiful motion of the melodic line, which is always followed by another voice.

Festival of the Dalmatian a cappella singing groups, or on Croatian "Festival Dalmatinskih Klapa" was founded in 1966. A group of enthusiasts from the city is trying to preserve this type of singing from extinction and founded the Festival. Since then more than 200 groups from across the Croatia (and wider) has performed on the Festival. But over time in the work of the Festival lots experts, musicologists and composers have joined. Now the Festival is the main cultural event in town, and main event of Dalmatian traditional singing. Each year jury and audience (only those who attend the event, and not those who are watching on TV) choose the best Dalmatian a cappella singing group. In 2013th Festival was added to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.

The festival runs throughout the whole July. Every friday, saturday and sunday are held events in which winners have the right to perform in the final event. Ambient where the events are held is truly amazing. All events are held at the main Omiš square that is surrounded by stone houses and buildings. It provides a beautiful setting for a performance of songs. It is a pity to visit Omis, and not to visit at least one of the Festival's event. Festival in 2013th takes place from 6th July to 27th July.

One of the most succesful Festival's song: "Dalmatino povišću pritrujena" (Dalmatia, weary of history)