Excursions from Omis to Middle Dalmatia

Due to its favorable location, Omis is an ideal starting point for excursions in Dalmatia. Excellent places to visit are Radmanove Mlinice on River Cetina, island Brac, Makarska Riviera and Vruja Bay near Pisak.

Omis has an excellent position from where is great to start exploration of Middle Dalmatia. One of the most beautiful location is one of the nearest to Omis - Radmanove Mlinice on River Cetina. When you are in Omis it is shame not to visit Brac, Vruja Bay, Makarska and Biokovo. All places are very close, and on the daily basis are organized full day tours to various destinations.

Radmanove Mlinice

Omis - Radmanove Mlinice
Radmanove Mlinice

Radmanove Mlinice (Radman's Mills) are one of the favorite Omis resorts. Resort is located only 6 km of Omis, in the heart of the canyon of River Cetina. There is an amazingly beautiful nature of the River Cetina, with its clean water and river rapids that will refresh you in the hot summer days. You will find couple of beautiful beaches on River Cetina, and an excellent restaurant with a domestic cousine. It is easy to reach Radmanove Mlinice, you can drive, walk, ride a bycicle, or take a tourist train. Radmanove Mlinice are also the final station of the rafting trip. Radmanove Mlinice are a favorite picnic spot for the celebration of the Labor Day (1st May).

Excursions with ship to Brac and Vruja

Island of Brac - Zlatni Rat
Brac - Beach Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn)

The island of Brac is the tallest island in Croatia (mountain Vidova Gora is 778 m high), and the third largest. The island is rich in flora and fauna, and definitely is a destination you must visit when you come in Omis and Omis Riviera. Brac is filled with beautiful ancient towns, and one of the world famous beaches Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) is in Bol, Brac. Every day tourist ships sails from Omis port on daily excursions to Brac and Vruja Bay near Pisak. Usually tourist ships first sail to Brac than come back to shore to Vruja Bay. Then ships are sailng along to coast to Omis. On ships is served fresh fish and quality red vine. It is a wonderful the whole day excursion on the sea. Tourist ships also sail out from Mimice.

Gubavica waterfall on the river Cetina

Cetina - waterfall Gubavica omis
Waterfall Gubavica on the river Cetina

Gubavica waterfall is located in Zadvarje, a place which is situated 20 km from Omis. The waterfall is about 50 m high, and when the river Cetina is full of water, waterfall provides an unforgettable sight. However, during the dry period, it sometimes happens that the waterfall has no water. The waterfall can be easily reached by car.

Red and Blue lakes in Imotski

Red Lake in Imotski
Red Lake in Imotski

Blue and Red Lake are located in Imotski. Town which is situated about 50 km northeast of Omis. These two lakes are geologically worldwide phenomenon. Due to the limestone rocks and soil porosity these two lakes are formed. Red and Blue Lake look like two huge wells. Blue Lake is characterized by the fact that during the dry period it can completly dry out. Locals love to play football at the bottom of the lake in such periods, in ambient that reminds on the surface of the moon. Red Lake is characterized by the surrounding red rock that gives the lake the red color. Imotski can be easily reached by car, and the ride takes less than an hour.

Sunken ship in Medici

Shipwreck Metkovic in Medici

Medici are tourist place on Omis Riviera. There is an interesting attraction in Medici. There is a shipwreck in a very shallow sea. It is only couple of meters deep, and couple meters far from coast. So anybody with a regular dive mask can enjoy in this beautiful scene. Shipwreck is cargo ship called Metkovic that has been sunken in the 60's. There were no casualties.