Stanici, Croatia

Tourist village is located 5 km south-east of Omis. Place is famous for it's long pebble beaches.


Key Information:

  • 5 km from the Omis
  • beautiful long pebble beaches suitable for children
  • lots of caffe bars on the beaches
  • there are couple of quality restaurants
  • grocery store is in the village
  • Stanici

    Tourist village is located about 5 km southeast of Omis, 30 km southeast of Split and about 30 kilometers northwest of Makarska. Village is known for its long sandy beaches which are ideal for families with children. In the past, the first residents were mostly farmers and fishermen. More farmers than fishermen. As the arable land was high above the sea, the old village of Stanici were also high above the sea.

    After traversing the Adriatic highway and tourism development Stanići have moved along the coast. Today, besides superior and versatility accommodation in the apartments you can find a variety of restaurants, stores and cafes by the sea.

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    Map of Stanici, Croatia